AEJ Guests 2022

The AEJ encourages dialogue with European and British guests who shape our world.

Unity in the face of increasing threats

Preserving and extending media freedom has never faced greater challenges, and collaboration between professional journalists and international bodies committed to defending democracy and the rules-based world order is going to be […]

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The view from Palestine

Dr Husam Zomlot, head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK since 2018 and former adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, was strongly critical of western hypocrisy towards Palestine when he […]

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Holding Russia accountable

International human rights lawyer Aarif Abraham argues that the only legal way to make Russia accountable for a crime of aggression in the Ukraine is to establish a special tribunal. At […]

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Sanctions on Russia – an assessment

International economic strategist and sanctions expert Timothy Ash assessed the impact of international sanctions on Russia’s ability to prosecute the war in Ukraine at an AEJ UK lunch meeting on July […]

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