About the AEJ

The AEJ is an independent professional and social network of journalists, writers and specialists active across Europe, linking them in a Europe-wide network of national sections with the goal of advancing knowledge and debate on European affairs and upholding media freedom.
The international AEJ holds annual congresses where journalists from across Europe can meet and exchange stories, perspectives, information and contacts. At an ongoing level journalists can help each other across borders and share ideas while national sections organize their own events and seminars that promote dialogue on European affairs and media freedom.

AEJ in the UK

The AEJ UK brings together major European and British public figures who shape our world with journalists and other specialists on Europe in a forum for open-minded exchanges to promote informed debate on European and international affairs.
We are independent of any institutional or political group and are recognised by the Council of Europe, the OSCE and UNESCO.

AEJ UK guests and meetings

The AEJ UK hosts regular meetings for journalists, academics and Europe specialists with public figures of all backgrounds to provide a forum for open-minded exchanges on European and international affairs.
Pre-registration is necessary for all meetings – by email to
A fee of £25 is charged to cover the cost of a light lunch and drinks – £10 for under-25s and free admission may be extended to students on a discretionary basis.
Meetings continued online throughout the coronavirus pandemic of 2020-21 and resumed as regular in person meetings at London’s Regent’s University, our host, in 2022.
Please see Events for the range of our guests who have shaped our political, economic and social world over more than 50 years – newsmakers, politicians, diplomats, economists, analysts, and commentators.

Latest AEJ UK News

50 Years of Dialogue

The AEJ UK also hosts and organizes occasional special events: 
View from Scotland– the AEJ visits Scotland September 2019
Three members of the Scottish Parliament, three different parties, three differing perspectives on Brexit’s impact north of the border. All held with passion. But instead of generating the heat and hate demonstrated at Westminster those perspectives were articulated with thought and detailed analysis not strident words and personal attack.

Anniversary debate on Brexit
Fifty years after its formation in 1968 the AEJ UK hosted an open and substantial dialogue among figures from opposing sides of the Brexit debate in a special AEJ UK 50th anniversary debate. Six months before the UK’s scheduled departure from the European Union and at a time when the outcome of the negotiations was shrouded in extraordinary uncertainty, close to 100 diplomats, officials, and professionals from many fields including more than 40 journalists from all corners of Europe engaged in the debate.

Recollections of birth
10 years earlier the AEJ UK celebrated its 40th birthday with a party organised jointly with the Foreign Press Association whose 120th birthday also fell in that year. Roger Broad, a founder member of the UK section, recalled its birth in 1968.

Media freedom

The AEJ plays an active and activist role in promoting media freedom and highlighting a growing number of attempts by governments and others to undermine and suppress it.
AEJ UK Chairman William Horsley was the AEJ International media freedom representative until 2022 and works regularly with many other partner media freedom groups on these issues.

AEJ UK blogs, books, briefings

Many AEJ UK members have reported and written about UK and European affairs over many decades for major UK and international television, radio, print and news agency organisations.
We encourage continued writing and reporting and note it on our Blogs, books, briefings page.

AEJ UK obituaries

Sadly sometimes we lose our fellow members and colleagues and remember them here.


Please see our AGM page for information about our procedures and annual reports.

AEJ membership

We encourage journalists, writers and specialists in European affairs to apply for membership through our Membership page.
Besides our regular lunchtime meetings and special events, we also inform members of other relevant events on UK/EU relations, European affairs, and media freedom and provide links to European related resources. 
AEJ UK members include journalists from national newspapers and broadcasting organisations, freelancers, writers, academics, and researchers.

AEJ UK contact

Please see here to contact the AEJ UK executive.

AEJ International

Please see the AEJ International website for more information on the international organization and the annual congresses.
And these links to AEJ national sections.

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