Malta responsible for murder

An independent public inquiry into the murder of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has found the state responsible for her killing because it had created a “culture of impunity”.

The inquiry report, published on July 29, said officials had failed to adequately protect Caruana Galizia from threats to her life prior to her death in October 2017.

The inquiry – conducted by one serving judge and two retired judges – heard from dozens of witnesses, including investigators, politicians and journalists over the past two years.

Caruana Galizia spent decades before her murder investigating corruption in Malta’s government and in 2017 effectively triggered an early election by publishing allegations linking the then prime minister to the Panama Papers scandal which exposed the use of tax havens by the rich.

Her family noted that the Maltese government only agreed to establish the inquiry – more than two years after the assassination – under threat of legal proceedings and following international pressure.

The AEJ has worked consistently with other media freedom organizations to focus attention on the case and the Forbidden Stories network coordinated and compiled the work of many journalists following the assassination.

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