AEJ Guests 1968-2016


29 November 2016
Alex Salmond

Former First Minister of Scotland  and Scottish National Party spokesman on international affairs and Europe in the UK Parliament. Along with two of his fellow SNP MPs, Salmond provided a preview of his party’s plans regarding Brexit at one of the most remarkable meetings of the year.
SNP post-Brexit plans
Notes on Salmond meeting from AEJ members David Lennon and Rick Thompson.

8 November 2016
Mehmet Öğütçü
Former Turkish diplomat, OECD executive and now chairman of Global Resources Partnership, a London-based international consultancy.
Mr. Öğütçü provided a detailed briefing on Turkey in the wake of an apparent coup on July 15 and subsequent purge and crackdown on opponents of Prime Minister Erdogan.
Report on Öğütçü meeting from AEJ member Nevsal Hughes.

19 September 2016
Alexander Stubb
Former prime minister, finance minister, and leader of Finland’s centre-right National Coalition Party.
A long-time and experienced EU insider in multiple trade and diplomatic roles, Stubb has his own suggestions for “soft Brexit” to offset the damage to European stability and liberal values.
Before stepping down as finance minister and party leader, Stubb served Finland as trade and Europe Minister, foreign minister, MEP and as an adviser to EU Commission President Romano Prodi.
Notes on Stubb meeting from William Horsley.

5 September 2016
Sir Simon Fraser
Retired permanent under-secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, trade negotiator, and now managing partner at business consultancy Flint Global. For more on his insider’s view on the details, complications and issues of Brexit: AEJ memberJonathan Fryer’s blog
BBC news report

14 July 2016
Axelle Lemaire
Minister for Digital Affairs in the French Ministry for the Economy and Industry since April 2014.
Notes on the Lemaire meeting from UK chairman William Horsley.

6 May 2016
Dan Mulhall
Ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain.

15 April 2016
Lord Norman Lamont
UK government Trade Envoy for Iran and former Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Report on Lamont meeting

26 February 2016
Dr Gerard Lyons
Chief Economic Adviser to the Mayor of London
29 January 2016
Maurice Frankel
Director, Campaign for Freedom of Information  


4 December 2015
David McAllister MEP
Chancellor Merkel’s special envoy for relations with the UK.
AEJ member Jonathan Fryer on Germany wants Britain in the EU Laurence Peter’s Germany warns UK on rules for EU migrants for BBC News.
David MCallister profile

2 November 2015
Dominic Grieve QC MP
Chairman of the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee; Attorney General 2010-14.
Laurence Peter’s report for BBC News
Dominic Grieve

6 October 2015
Eugenio Ambrosi
European Regional Head of the International Organisation for Migration. See Laurence Peter’s
report for BBC News

10 July 2015
Richard Howitt MEP Member of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.
Jonathan Fryer’s blog

26 May 2015
Dr Igor Sutyagin
RUSI research fellow, exiled Russian expert on arms control.
Sutyagin profile at

17 April 2015
Richard Barrett
Adviser on counter-terrorism measures, formerly in the UK security service.
Barrett profile at

24 March 2015
Lord (Mark) Malloch-Brown Former Deputy UN Secretary-General and Minister at the FCO.

3 March 2015
Pat McFadden MP Shadow Minister for Europe.

30 January 2015
Robert Tombs Professor of Modern European History, Cambridge University Professor Tombs wrote about his new book, The English and Their History, in the Irish Times late last year. For his biography, see  


9 December 2014
HE Dr Peter Ammon
Germany’s Ambassador to the UK German embassy

3 October 2014
Lord (Anthony) Lester QC Constitutional and human rights lawyer, LibDem member of the House of Lords.
Lord Lester of

8 September 2014
Fawaz A Gerges
Professor of International Relations at LSE, author and specialist in Middle East affairs.

4 July 2014
Margaret Macmillan
Professor of International History at Oxford University, Warden of St Anthony’s College, author of The War that Ended Peace.

20 June 2014
Anne Applebaum
Author, journalist and sovietologist

14 March 2014
EP election special
Simon Hix
Professor of European and Comparative Politics, London School of Economics
Derk Jan Eppink
Retiring Conservatives and Reformists Group MEP for Brussels.
poll analysis
Simon Hix
EP voting generally

21 February 2014
Dr Ian Brown
Associate Director, Cyber Security Centre Oxford University
Précis of Dr Brown’s PowerPoint talk.

27 January 2014
Gus Hosein
Executive Director of Privacy International
Jonathan Fryer’s blog


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