Another misuse of Pegasus spyware

A joint investigation published by The New York Times and Aristegui Noticias and reported by Article 19 and PEN International shows that Mexico’s armed forces used NSO’s Pegasus surveillance software to spy on communications between a human rights defender and journalists who were investigating allegations that soldiers had gunned down innocent people.

Surveillance experts say this is the first time a paper trail has emerged to prove definitively that the Mexican military spied on citizens who were trying to expose its misdeeds although the Mexican government has been embroiled in scandal for years over the use of sophisticated spyware against a wide range of people who stand up to Mexico’s leaders.

The New York Times says documents and interviews show how spying that tarnished the previous Mexican government has continued under current President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who vowed that his administration would not engage in such surveillance, which he called “illegal” and “immoral.”

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