Russia to withdraw from Council of Europe

Russia has announced it will no longer participate in the Council of Europe (CoE) – two weeks after the pan-European human rights body suspended Moscow’s rights of representation following the invasion of Ukraine.

Russian news agency TASS on March 10 reported a Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement accusing NATO and EU countries of “undermining” the European body.
The ministry said: “Russia does not intend to put up with these subversive actions carried out by the collective West in line with the imposition of a ‘rules-based order’ to replace international law trampled by the United States and its satellites.”

Russian withdrawal from the CoE could raise questions about the international rule of law as the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law noted, leaving Russia free to reintroduce the death penalty for instance.
The centre said the 47 member states of the CoE and the 27 members of the EU have worked for decades to develop a range of mechanisms that protect the rule of law and human rights.

The Council of Europe suspended Russia’s representation in the organisation on February 25 but did not remove its membership.
The council’s committee of ministers said on March 10 that it would consult the European parliament on potential further measures.

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