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China business – a great wall of silence

Doing business with China, especially in the post-Brexit era, is a big deal – or could be.

So you might expect businesses with major Chinese clients or operations in China to analyse the many critical uncertainties surrounding the country and discuss ways to deal with them.
Especially the insurance industry.

But AEJ member David Worsfold found a chilling and unprecedented silence when he tried to interview insurers, brokers, lawyers, and market groups about doing business with China. For the first time in nearly 40 years of covering and communicating the insurance industry he’d run across an issue no one would discuss.
A silence he noted in a postscript to his article for industry publication Insurance Post:
“To anyone who finds the absence of market voices in this article makes it unbalanced, I agree. But no-one […} would speak to me…”
Adding later: “Normally, such criticism of a market within its leading publication would provoke robust responses. You’ve guessed it: more silence. That has become the story.”

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