Another Covid Christmas?

Covid infections rising, hospital admissions up, more deaths, the worst record for covid cases and deaths in western Europe.
And the UK government again resisting widespread calls to take preventive action to avoid the need for drastic measures or another lockdown before Christmas 2021.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed there was “absolutely nothing to indicate” the UK would enter another winter lockdown because high levels of infections were in line with earlier predictions.
Health Minister Sajid Javid predicted a “normal Christmas.”

As the clocks ticked down to winter time at the end of October, the government – Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Minister Sajid Javid in particular – kept stalling on the need for “Plan B” – compulsory masks, vaccine passports, a return to more working from home.

A leaked internal government assessment showed Plan B would cost the economy between £11 and £18 billion. The government was accused of using the leak to scupper its own Plan B.

On the same day their chief scientific adviser to the department of health and social care admitted to “Plan C” discussions which could involve even more restrictive measures such as limits on household mixing.

There were a few glimmers of a possible turnaround – data released in the last week of October indicating the rise in infections was slowing and some scientific modelling that predicted an imminent decline in cases.
But the weight of professional and scientific opinion favoured immediate action to prevent further risks from coronavirus.

The British Medical Association, representing the nation’s doctors, accused the government of “wilful negligence” if it did not implement Plan B to stop the NHS from being overwhelmed by covid – especially in the wake of a searing Parliamentary inquiry and report on the government’s previous handling of the covid crisis since early 2020.
The NHS Confederation which represents providers of NHS services called on the government to act without delay on preventive measures to avoid “stumbling into a winter crisis”.
Other medical professional groups warned that hospitals and medical professionals were already struggling to cope.

The government’s prime adviser on covid – SAGE, the Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies, led by its chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance – called for immediate preparations so coronavirus restrictions could be rapidly re-deployed if necessary and said guidance on working from home was likely to have the highest positive impact.

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