Johnson wins – Friday 13th December 2019

The course for Brexit was set when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson won his bet on the future of Britain in a snap election on December 12 2019.

Voters woke up on Friday the 13th 2019 to a thumping Conservative majority, the resignations of both main opposition party leaders – Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and the Liberal Democrats’ Jo Swinson, and a resurgent Scottish National Party seeking the independence of Scotland.

Johnson’s Conservatives won the biggest Conservative majority – 80 seats – since Margaret Thatcher in 1987, despite taking less than 44% of the national vote, and a mandate to deliver its simple election message of “Get Brexit Done”.

But their promise to leave the EU on January 31 followed by EU trade negotiations with a deadline in December was only one of a raft of questions facing the government – some fairly obvious from the election campaign but others with deeper and longer-term significance as outlined by Trisha de Borchgrave, artist and daughter of prominent long-time U.S. journalist Arnaud de Borchgrave.

This included the possible fragmentation of the United Kingdom as Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sought a new referendum on independence and led the SNP as the third largest party in the UK Parliament with 48 seats – all but eight of Scotland’s 56 seats.

On the other hand, rumblings about increasing support for a united Ireland leaving the UK may be on hold as Northern Ireland’s voters seemed to be supporting middle-ground politicians.

Meanwhile the Labour party faced a wrenching period of soul searching and infighting over both their leadership and political direction and the Liberal Democrats looked for their fifth leader in less than 10 years.

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