Ukraine – between Russia and the West

On 5 June at the AEJ UK, Jaroslava Barbieri, a Ukrainian-Italian expert on Russia and the former Soviet Union, will examine the roots of Ukraine’s quest for freedom as a western-style democracy, following Russia’s military aggression and use of force in an attempt to erase Ukraine’s independent identity.  

Barbieri is a teaching fellow and researcher at the University of Birmingham. She has done in-depth research on the impact of Moscow’s disinformation and destabilisation campaigns aimed at recovering its dominance of the post-Soviet space, as well as the EU’s policies towards its eastern neighbourhood and Ukraine’s mixed record in overcoming the legacy of Soviet-style statism and corruption.

AEJ UK meetings are open to journalists, academics and Europe specialists and guests with pre-registration necessary by email to and held at London’s Regent’s University with thanks from the AEJ UK for enabling the AEJ to hold professional journalists’ meetings on campus.