Will sanctions on Russia work?

International economic strategist and sanctions expert Timothy Ash will assess the impact of international sanctions on Russia’s ability to prosecute the war in Ukraine at an AEJ UK lunch meeting on July 4.

Ash is a senior strategist at BlueBay Asset Management in London, an associate fellow in the Russia and Eurasia program at Chatham House and has advised governments on Ukraine-Russia policy.
His examination will include the freezing of Russian assets abroad, economic isolation, and European actions to reduce dependence on Russian energy sources as western leaders warn that a long war of attrition may lie ahead.
How stable and resilient is Putin’s Russia?
Can international sanctions on Russia shorten the war?
And will Europe’s internal divisions or “sanctions fatigue” undermine the will of Ukraine’s allies to support it for as long as necessary? 
Ash has 30 years’ experience as an international banker and economist specialising in emerging markets. He writes for publications including the Financial Times and Kyiv Post

This AEJ UK meeting is at Regent’s University and is open to journalists, academics and Europe specialists.
To register for the meeting and more information please email AEJ UK Secretary Charles Jenkins cas.jenkins@gmail.com. A £25 fee for lunch is charged to cover costs.
The AEJ UK thanks Regent’s University London for enabling the AEJ to hold professional journalists’ meetings.